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Nigerian Home Concierge Services Scheduling Platform Goes East

Launched in Nigeria in 2019 with a vision to connect busy professionals with concierge services, Eden Life offers its users a subscription service that delivers high quality chef-cooked meals, laundry services, and home cleaning. The startup has delivered more than 150,000 services in Nigeria since launching and has an 80 per cent retention rate over the course of the last 12 months. It is now also active in Kenya, where it has added a new additional beauty and wellness service for users in Nairobi. Eden Life’s launch in Kenya has been facilitated by the strategic acquisition of Lynk. Lynk was launched in 2015 and during its time in operation facilitated over 150,000 jobs, transferring US$4.5 million to more than 2,000 workers. Adversely affected by COVID-19 lockdowns in the past two years, the company’s key investor, Enza Capital, connected Lynk’s founders with Eden Life and coordinated a strategic acquisition, accelerating Eden Life’s expansion into Nairobi through Lynk’s established customer base.