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Nigerian Digital Publishing and Bookselling Platform Goes Offline

Okada Books announced that it will shut down on November 30, 2023, due to “insurmountable challenges”. The platform, founded in 2013 by Okechukwu Ofili, has helped over 8,000 writers become authors for free, and has over 20,000 books available for download. However, the platform has been unable to sustain its operations amid the economic downturn and the low reading culture in Nigeria. Okada Books is a platform where anyone can publish and sell their books as long as they have the authority to do so. The platform receives a 30% commission upon publication, while the author or publisher gets a 70% commission. The platform has a variety of books, ranging from fiction to non-fiction, romance to thriller, poetry to biography. About 80% of the books are free, while 20% are not. The platform also has a community of readers and writers, who can interact and share feedback on the books.