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Nigerian Artist on a Mission to Change Lives

John Amanam is an innovative sculptor and reportedly the first Nigerian to create hyperrealistic prosthetic limbs for people who have lost their body parts in accidents. Amanam’s skillful knowledge of art has helped him to produce the hyper-realistic prosthesis of any lost body parts which includes the ear, nose, fingers, toes, and legs who studied Fine and Industrial Art from the University of Uyo. He can also make each body parts to match any skin colour to suit that of any patient and also create artificial hair for bald persons, making him the first-ever in the history of Nigeria to produce such. According to him, he was inspired to embark on this journey of invention, by his cousin who is an amputee. Furthermore, John’s great invention has been medically approved for patients who may need body parts to replace that which they have lost, and these replacements go for way lower than the amount it is sold abroad.