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Nigeria Risks being Blacklisted by Global Financial Bodies Over Central Bank Governor

Nigeria’s central bank governor Godwin Emefiele had been away from his home country for several weeks, reportedly self-exiling in an unknown country outside Africa. Though the apex bank announced that he has resumed his duties on Jan.16, without confirming whether he is back in the country, Emefiele has been alleged to be hiding to evade arrest by the country’s secret police over claims that he has been involved in corrupt activities and terrorism financing. His absence raised eyebrows after he failed to turn up to explain the reason behind the redesign of Naira banknotes and cash withdrawal limits without consulting the finance ministry on Dec. 22, delegating that to deputy governor Aisha Ahmad. The redesign has been weakening the currency. He has been labeled Nigeria’s worst performing central bank governor in history for spearheading the implementation of unfavorable monetary policies that Nigerians feel have been hurting them.