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Nigeria is a Viable Market for Zipline to Extend its Reach beyond Health Logistics

Globally, the use of drones in the logistics sector is still embryonic. But in Nigeria, it is absolutely new. The logistics industry in Nigeria is robust, and it was estimated to be $696 million as of 2018. The logistics industry in the country has evolved and has moved from the sole use of vehicles as tools for deliveries to motorbikes and bicycles in more recent times for last-mile logistics. Even with this massive growth and evolution, the use of drones for logistics is yet unseen until now. For example, in Rwanda, fresh and preserved semen are rapidly transported with Zipline to farmers for artificial insemination of farm animals, thus promoting productivity in the country’s agric sector. Using drones for logistics in other sectors in Nigeria and Africa is an unexplored goldmine, and Zipline may want to strike the axe before other potential actors.