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Nigeria and Rwanda’s Accession to the Artemis Accords Could have a Positive Impact on Africa

In 2020, the United States announced a framework for the private exploitation of space resources. It consists of practical principles to guide exploration, science and commerce in outer space. The Artemis Accords are intended to make space activity responsible, transparent, safe, peaceful and sustainable. Nigeria and Rwanda signed the accords on 14 December 2022, becoming the 22nd and 23rd countries, respectively, and the first African countries to do so. As signatories, Nigeria and Rwanda are demonstrating their commitment to safe, sustainable use of outer space. This should have multiple benefits. It boosts their international standing as responsible members of the space-faring community. It makes their space sectors more appealing to international investors and shows they are committed to exploiting space to advance their economies. Being a signatory can build capacity in the space industry. This is through encouraging African nations to budget appropriately and develop policies and infrastructure for space activity.