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Niger Puts its Best Foot Forward with Exhibition

The National Museum of Niger is a 24-hectare gem and boasts a multitude of displays. From dinosaurs to living animals in its zoo and there are also nuclear energy, craftwork and history exhibitions. “We are dealing with a public that has a thirst for knowledge. A public that hasn’t been to school and that comes here to discover,” said National Museum director Haladou Mamane. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the museum received over 100,000 visitors per year, but there are far fewer now to enjoy the various delights on offer. As well as seeing the eclectic exhibitions, visitors can also experience the craftwork area. A shop window for sculptors, painters, potters and leatherworkers, who can sell what they produce. It brings Artisans from all over Niger and is a source of pride for the museum. A treasure in the world’s poorest country, the museum charges around 10 US cents per entry, so even the poorest can experience some culture. The museum is planning on a refurbishment and an expansion next year with the help of international donations, which it says will improve the living conditions of the 111 animals.