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Niamey’s Electricity Plans

Niger’s electricity company (Nigelec) has commissioned a 30-megawatt photovoltaic plant to compensate for major shortages since Nigeria stopped supplying electricity to Niger in response to the July coup, the country’s energy minister announced on Sunday. Equipped with more than 55,000 solar panels, this power station is the largest solar energy infrastructure ever built in Niger. Nigelec is already seeing an “improvement in the quality of service” for its subscribers, particularly in the capital Niamey (population 1.5 million), Dosso (south) and Tillabéri (west), explained Mahaman Moustapha Barké, Niger’s energy minister, on television. The plant was due to be operational on 25 August, but its commissioning was delayed by the departure from Niger of “most of the technical staff” expatriated after the military coup of 26 July, he said. The start-up of the power station was made possible by “certain technicians” who remained in Niamey, he added, without giving further details.