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News from CAR still Travels to NYC and Paris before it Reaches an Audience in Nigeria or Kenya

Central Africans have been casualties of inattention; their lives deemed dispensable, less important, less worthy of international news coverage. While hundreds of international reporters rotate in and out of Ukraine, providing round the clock coverage, the Central African Republic is shrouded in darkness, many of its killings passing unreported. Reporting on the world’s most isolated major war, in the Central African Republic, is made difficult by the relative obscurity of the country, outside its region. International magazine editors are largely unaware that the country exists, or that a war is underway there. “The news famine in CAR is symptomatic of the larger questions of African news production – on what logic does it operate? Who dictates its consumption? News from the continent is still largely financed, organized and directed from the colonial metropolis, said Parselelo Kantai, Politics and Society Editor at African Arguments.