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Newly-formed Africa Team Affected by Twitter Purge

Social media company Twitter has laid off many employees this week, according to multiple social media posts by former employees. Twitter employees woke up to find that they had been logged out of their work emails, and could not turn on their work laptops or access their work tools. TechCabal can confirm that several members of the 20-person Twitter team in Africa have been laid off; a source says this figure could be as high as half the team. In April 2021, Twitter set up its presence on the continent by hiring a local team stationed in Ghana. Just earlier this week, it launched its office in Ghana. Although TechCabal cannot confirm the number of Twitter employees on the continent that were let go, the layoffs are set to affect Twitter’s new presence in Africa. It threatens the establishment of new offices on the continent, notably in Nigeria, where the establishment of a physical office is tied to the continued availability of the microblogging app in the country. According to several sources, Twitter’s Africa office is still open for now and the atmosphere at the Ghana office is “chill”.