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New Online Recovery School A First For South Africa

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South Africa is a traumatized nation

Dr Siya Mjwara, founder of the AskDrSiya Psychotherapy and Wellness Coaching Practice, has just launched the first online recovery school in South Africa. The Recovery School will support individuals in identifying and confronting their challenges and businesses in developing and implementing wellness solutions in order to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity, as well as overall workplace culture. Dr Mjwara will provide a supportive and transformative environment where healing and growth are possible for all.

She says, “We create a virtual sanctuary where individuals can find healing, empowerment and community support.  We strive to cultivate a space where you can reclaim your life and thrive, no matter what you’ve been through.

“After 17 years of working with individuals, couples and families, I can say, without a doubt, that we South Africans are a traumatized nation.  Unfortunately, many of us are completely unaware of how our traumas are negatively impacting our lives, as well as the decisions we take on a daily basis. Recently, I’ve been hearing people say, “avoid dating anyone who has never been to therapy”. This is an indication that more of us are recognizing how unresolved trauma can negatively impact our relationships.

“Besides our personal experiences, such as childhood trauma, relationship, family and workplace traumas, many of us are still dealing with the effects of intergenerational trauma.  This is part of the background that informs the vision for The Recovery School. My wish is for individuals to not only cope with trauma, but also to be able to thrive and become the best version of themselves. It takes courage to face your fears and begin living authentically, and you don’t need to walk the journey alone. 

The school’s programmes are primarily designed to enable individuals to

  1. Rediscover themselves
  2. Break free from limiting beliefs
  3. Cultivate resilience
  4. Forge meaningful connections
  5. Live fully in the present
  6. Achieve their goals

Dr Mjwara BSW Hons (UWC), MA FCS (UWC), Dphil (UNIZULU) can be contacted on or 079 772 1950.