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New Local Business Listing Services Launches

  • 3 min read

An innovative new community-focused advertising platform has been launched in SA which offers local businesses the chance to market their services directly to school children and their families.  And, until the end of October this service is free of charge to new advertisers.

d6 Connect, the school communication app which is used by more than 2500 schools across South Africa to connect to their school communities (students, parents, teachers, stakeholders, suppliers etc.) has launched a new local business listing service which allows resident businesses, situated within a particular schools suburb or area, to advertise their services.

This new platform is ideal for businesses such as local plumbers, hairdressers, electricians, gyms, mechanics, restaurants and more who are eager to become known in the school communities on their doorsteps. 

Best of all is that schools will share 50% on the advertising revenue generated through local listings.

At a hyper-local level, the d6 advertising platform is a rare viable local digital advertising platform for community businesses. d6 also offers other advertising opportunities not limited to the newly launched local listing service.  This includes things such as banner advertising, sponsored articles, and school branding sponsorships.

More than a million online eyeballs are focused on the d6 app, which means schools have a captive audience. And this presents a healthy advertising opportunity!

“School going children and their parents are a crucial, niche market,” says Willem Kitshoff, CEO of d6. “In school-to-parent relationships it’s all about trust – parents entrust their children to their schools, and so schools inevitably occupy extremely high levels of trust with parents.  Therefore, if advertisers are endorsed by a school, parents will often display strong loyalty and affection towards the advertiser.”  This is superb news for advertisers.

For schools, the d6 advertising opportunity includes a “share-of-profit” relationship through d6 Rewards, which can develop into a healthy income stream for schools. Schools which use d6’s full spectrum of communication systems enjoy the most engagement with their parent bodies – and therefore earn the most from their advertising partnerships. 

“This is a healthy, virtuous, symbiotic circle, which benefits everyone,” Kitshoff said. “Brands increase their trust; schools generate crucial income and learners benefit from healthier school budgets and operational effectiveness.”

“This form of advertising is known as “community-focused advertising”, and strengthens healthy, resilient, connected communities.  All schools which already use the d6+ communication services can activate this listings service immediately. And for local advertisers, the listing is free until the end of October.”

From the school side of the fence, the d6 is a compelling partnership. Schools know what’s hot in their school communities and are encouraged to play an active role in identifying potential advertisers, who would most enjoy this innovative advertising relationship. 

For more information contact d6 on 087 820 0088, visit or email