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Netflix Announces New Documentary Series ‘African Queens’

Mark your calendars for February 15th, the date on which Netflix will begin streaming a new docuseries about Africa’s queens. Executive producer, Jada Pinkett Smith, was a key force behind the project, citing the importance of reviving these stories of African female leadership to empower today’s young, black women. Queen Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba came to prominence during the 17th century, when she ruled over Angola and fought off Portuguese settlers. Some confusion circulates around the correct spelling of the late queen’s name, as different historians refer to her as Njinga, her native name was Ngola Njinga, or her Christian name, Ana de Sousa. The show is written by Kenyan-born storyteller Peres Owino and British diplomat NneNne Iwuji and comes via Smith’s Westbrook Studios and independent film studio Nutopia.