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Netanyahu says He Wants African ‘Infiltrators’ Out of Israel after Sunday’s Fighting in Tel Aviv 

Many Eritreans, some supporting the country’s government and others opposing it, have fought on the streets of Israel. More than 100 people, including several dozen police officers, were injured during the fighting, but no deaths were reported. Thousands of Eritreans have arrived in Israel, many fleeing harsh conditions in their home country. Eritrea has been under the rule of President Isaias Afwerki for more than 30 years. The fighting broke out on Sunday when the Eritrean embassy in Israel held an event to mark 30 years since independence. Critics of the Afwerki government saw it as a brazen attempt to celebrate a dictator’s rule, so they approached the venue in the hundreds. Eritreans who were at the event in support of the Afwerki government brawled with the protesters. Footage online showed supporters beating protesters with clubs and throwing stones.