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Nelson Mandela Bay Aiming To Avoid Day Zero

As water is fast running out in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, the council has agreed to restrict water usage per household.

This came out as the Department of Water and Sanitation — led by Minister Senzo Mchunu — brought in experts to focus on pushing back Day Zero. 

“Everybody in this city, and even in Kouga Municipality, must know and understand and accept that we have very little water in Nelson Mandela,” Mchunu said.

“What we are realistically looking at is to postpone Day Zero. Every day when we wake up we ask ourselves did we postpone it yesterday?

“The answer is yes we did, like I’m standing here we postponed it yesterday. Are we postponing it today?

So whether that will end up being weeks or months or so on, we are dealing with this on a day-to-day basis,” he said.