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Negative Covid-19 Results For Sale at the Uganda-Kenya Border

The Uganda Long Distance and Heavy Truck Drivers Association, said drivers and their associates pay bribes of between $14 and $40 to get a certificate indicating negative status, or to cross the border without being tested. Drivers are required to be designated as COVID-19-free before they can cross the border into any east African country. COVID-19 is the disease caused by the coronavirus. In an interview with VOA, Ndugu said drivers sometimes pay the bribes to bypass endless backups caused by tough restrictions at the two main crossing points, Busia and Malaba. Uganda has been less affected than many countries by the disease. The Johns Hopkins University’s coronavirus tracking site says Uganda currently has 10,590 confirmed cases and 97 deaths. Analysts said the solution for halting the bribery is to establish more testing centers in Uganda and Kenya so drivers can take COVID-19 tests before reaching the border and sidestep the delays.