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Nedbank IMC Has Fun With Obi Asika, One Of Nigeria’s Foremost Creative Dynamos

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Obi Asika is a well-respected and well-loved cultural heavy-weight who has operated across the breadth of Nigeria’s creative industries. The good news is that he will be speaking at this year’s Nedbank Integrated Marketing Council (IMC) conference, offering up ten African insights in ten minutes. Whether it is his pioneering involvement in the globalisation of Afrobeats from Nigeria’s, the establishment of international strategic communications and production companies, or as executive producer of major TV reality shows in Nigeria like Big Brother or The Apprentice Africa, Obi has a talent for making things happen.

Obi, the Chairman of OTM Nigeria, is a born storyteller, and will be sharing hands-on insights about what makes our continent tick, in the context of our cultural, marketing and advertising contributions in a changing world.

As a sneak preview, the Nedbank IMC team caught up with Obi last week for a quick Q&A session.

Obi, what gets you up in the morning?

The thing about life is that every new day brings new possibilities and that always keeps me going.

In another life, who would you be?

I would be a retired footballer who played number 10 and won the football World Cup for Nigeria, and the EPL and Champions league with Liverpool, lol!

In one sentence, what does Africa have to offer the world from a cultural perspective?

Africa is the home of music, dance and culture, where the vibrant colours of our fashion collide with our cuisine and our energy to form that unique essence all Africans carry within them.

What do you contribute to your success?

I am eternally curious. I try to bring positive value to all situations and I am a natural collaborator. I still believe that in Africa we are just beginning, so I remain enthusiastic.

You must have a “little black book” of incredible local, continental and global contacts. What advice would you give to others in building up such a network?

Always be open to learn, and always be open to engage. I am a people person and I value relationships.

Where would you like to see Africa’s marketing and advertising industries in the next five years?

In Nigeria and SA I am hopeful that the entertainment, media and innovation industries are going to see some major shifts which will propel connections between these markets as we build more continental business in the spirit of AFTCA. It would be positive if we began to see more of a continental agenda begin to form. Africa’s marketing and advertising sectors can do a much better job of introducing the continent to itself, as for me we are still too disconnected, and our lack of a cohesive approach to narrative and nation and continental branding has been a major weakness for the continent.

What is the one thing that you love about Nigeria?

There are many things, but if I were to choose just one, it would be a toss-up between the food and the people. Both are invigorating and diverse. It is the vibrant energy and never-say-die attitude of the Nigerian people that is special, and if properly engaged, capable of doing amazing things.

If you didn’t live in Nigeria, what country would you be living in and why?

I believe I could live in a number of places. I grew up in the UK so that is a second home. I have spent a fair amount of time in South Africa so I am comfortable there as well. But I also enjoy America, especially the energy of New York which is a main attraction for me. We are Global Africans.

Summer or Winter and day or night?

I am a night person and I like the heat so for me the choice would be Summer all day, every day.

Don’t miss Obi in action – it promises to be inspiring, engaging and informing. But hurry as there are limited seats available. The Nedbank IMC 2023 is taking place on 15 September at the Urban Brew Studios in Johannesburg. An online option is also available.

In-person tickets (conference only) priced at R4 000 (excl VAT) until 31 July 2023.

In-person tickets (conference and Effie Awards South Africa) priced at R5 000 (excl VAT) until 31 July 2023.

Limited seats available.

Virtual tickets priced at R1 499.

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