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NCOP to Question Ramaphosa Over BRICS Summit

This week, President Cyril Ramaphosa will undergo another grilling in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP).

Ramaphosa’s return will be front and center when the fourth legislative term resumes this week.

This week will also see the return of the majority of National Assembly committees, which will focus solely on the consideration of budget reports.

This week, the NCOP will also feature oral queries to ministers of social services clusters.

The last time President Cyril Ramaphosa appeared in Parliament was in early September, when he was questioned by the National Assembly about lifestyle audits of Cabinet ministers and cadre deployment.

When he appears on Thursday, Ramaphosa will be probed by the NCOP on the BRICS Summit, global climate change as well as government’s efforts to combat the “construction mafia”.

Ramaphosa will also have to explain whether he “deliberately misled” the nation regarding the investigation into the docking of the Russian Lady R, which found no misconduct.

Prior to Ramaphosa’s appearance, however, his social cluster ministers will be questioned for two days by the NCOP.

This week, the National Assembly will also focus on annual reports and budgets, with over 50 committees scheduled to meet until Friday.