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Namibia Calls Out to Adventurous Hikers

With its searing summer heat and parched desert plains, Namibia is not a country for faint-hearted hikers. It’s not surprising that most travelers prefer to discover this southern African country from the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle. But you’ll miss out if you don’t lace up your boots and step out into the wilds. These are visceral landscapes, and exploring Namibia’s hiking trails will open up your senses to a new realm of discovery. Savor the crunch of gravel underfoot, listen for the bark of a kudu in the thickets, and feel the warm desert winds stroke across your cheeks. It’s an experience. From trails around dolomite outcrops to paths up desert dunes, Namibia is filled with wonderful hiking trails to explore. Worried about the heat? Don’t be. Plan your visit for the mild winter months or wake early to walk in the cool before the sun rises. Pack a hat and plenty of water, and head out on these top hiking trails in Namibia.