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Namaste Wahala: Bollywood and Nollywood Collide in a Tale of a Big Fat Indian-Nigerian Wedding

A new film, whose title loosely translates into ‘Hello Trouble,’ tells the tale of a cross-cultural love story between and Indian and a Nigerian. Like the couple, the film weaves together traditions from Bollywood and Nollywood making for rich and exuberant entertainment. This is businesswoman-turned-filmmaker, Hamisha Daryani Ahuj’s debut as a director. Ahuja has lived in Nigeria since she was a child and says her experience living in Africa’s most populous country inspired her to make her the film. Now in her 30s, Ahuja says she decided to fuse her experiences from both cultures to create a love story that people can relate to. The movie will be released in April and features top movie stars from both countries including veteran Nollywood actress Joke Silva, Richard Mofe Damijo and Segal Sujata, Ini-Dima Okojie and Ruslaan Mumtaz. Ahuja says these partnerships are important because they help showcase Nollywood’s talents beyond the walls of Africa.