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Nairobi Warns Public about Securing their Details

Kenya’s data privacy regulator is warning the public about the use of “sensitive personal data” by WorldCoin, a cryptocurrency company founded in 2019 by Open AI’s co-founder Sam Altman. Worldcoin, which launched in July 26, is now being investigated by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner “to ensure compliance with the law.” In a statement the commissioner urged Kenyans to ensure that they received proper information before disclosing personal sensitive data. Since its launch last week, thousands of Kenyans have been lining up to have their eye’s iris scanned at supermarkets and malls where WorldCoin has stationed its orbs, the scanning machines, and is collecting biometric data, in exchange of free WorldCoin tokens (WLD) worth about $55. These tokens can be cashed out by buying other cryptocurrencies from official exchange platforms such as Binance and converted to local currency.