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Naba Abalova’s Zenhlanhla Myani on Retelling the Narrative of Township Youth

An enterprising collective of photographers are using their lenses to transform perceptions about township life. Through collaborations with fashion brands, such as Thesis Lifestyle, they are using their imagery to paint a positive picture of daily life there, to celebrate black beauty, and to elevate ordinary people. Naba Abolova’s creative journey is based on the lives of the collective’s members. “We live the life we capture and everything in it is an authentic township experience. Every picture we take is in every way, a life of “Abolova” (the unemployed black youth). We noticed that the Internet does not have enough creative content that the common kasi kid can identify with, so we are changing the “poor African kid” narrative by creating content that is unique to the new-age African youth experience.” The collective shows you what it’s like to be in different levels of society. Getting rid of the notion that only accomplished and successful people belong on magazine covers. Naba Abolova glamorises the casual boy and girl you’re used to seeing on a daily basis… as if everyone belongs on the cover of Vogue. Because they show you how to appreciate happiness in all its forms within different levels of society.