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Myeni Pleads Guilty To Defeating The Ends Of Justice

Convicted delinquent director Dudu Myeni has pleaded guilty to the charge of defeating the ends of justice.

The charges relate to her indiscretion at the state capture commission of inquiry in November 2020, when she named a protected witness “Mr X” – twice – while testifying live on camera.

This was despite an order from the Inquiry Chair that his identity not be revealed.

In the agreement between Dudu Myeni and the state, the former admitted to having unlawfully – and with the intent to defeat the administration of justice – revealed Mr X’s name.

She said she was aware the commission’s chair Chief Justice Raymond Zondo had ordered his identity be withheld and that she had no justification for her actions.

She was sentenced to either two years in prison or a fine of R120,000 – with half of whichever option she chooses suspended for five years.

In the likely event she chooses the fine – R30,000 has to be paid on Wednesday and the other R30,000 next month.