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Multinationals are Bulldozing DRC Communities in Race for Greener Tech

Amnesty International accuses multinationals of forced evictions, threats, intimidation and deception against local populations at cobalt and copper mining sites in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In the report published Tuesday and, entitled “Fuelling change or the status quo?”, Amnesty and the DRC-based Initiative for Good Governance and Human Rights analyzed the human rights impact of four projects in the Kolwezi mining region, south-east of the DRC (Kolwezi Copper and Cobalt Mine, Mutoshi Mine, Metalkol RTR and Kamoa-Kakula Mine). The two organizations believe that the race to expand these mining operations has led to the forced eviction of populations from their homes and fields. Instead of benefiting from the growth of the mining sector, people living in the Kolwezi region “are being forced to leave their homes and farmland to make way for the expansion of large-scale industrial mining projects”, according to the report.