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Mozambique Set for another Weather Battering

Deadly Tropical Cyclone Freddy is set to break records for the longest-lasting storm of its kind as it appears on course to hit Mozambique for a second time, more than two weeks after the first. The cyclone has already caused immense damage in Mozambique and Madagascar, killing at least 21 people across both countries and displacing many thousands of others. It is a “very rare” storm, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), which has called Cyclone Freddy’s journey so far “incredible and dangerous.” The storm hit the eastern coast of Madagascar on February 21 before slamming into Mozambique a few days later, bringing torrential rain, destructive winds and flooding which has destroyed houses and affected nearly 2 million people. It then looped back out towards the Mozambique Channel, gaining energy from the warm waters, and headed towards the southwestern coast of Madagascar. The cyclone is now moving away from the area and expected to intensify as it heads back towards Mozambique, where it could make landfall for a second time later this week, according to the WMO.