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Mozambique Health Workers’ Strike Leads to Over 1,000 Deaths

More than 1,000 people in Mozambique have died due to a health workers’ strike, according to union leader Anselmo Muchave. The strike, involving 50,000 members demanding better working conditions, began three weeks ago following a breakdown in negotiations between the Mozambican government and the Association of United Health Professionals of Mozambique (APSUSM). According to Muchave, most of the deaths occurred in the Inhambane and Sofala provinces, where many facilities lack doctors. The strike includes nurses, psychologists, drivers, and cleaners, highlighting dire conditions such as shortages of surgical materials, patient food, petrol for ambulances, and even uniforms. The health ministry has not commented on the situation, although it had in the past accused APSUSM of exaggeration. Consequently, the death toll was unverified as at the time of publication.