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Movie about a Malawian Farmer and her Efforts to Change Minds in her Village and in the US

Guided by film-makers Raj Patel and Zak Piper, Anita Chitaya and several other Malawians head to the US where they try to convince some farmers in Iowa, for instance, that the climate crisis will soon affect everyone. The Jackson family, who are Presbyterians like Anita, listen sympathetically but suspect all this fuss about the climate is just something people in suits in Washington are getting worked up about. They are organic farmers, who you would have thought would be inclined to listen to Anita’s message. Other folk that the Malawians meet in Oakland, Detroit and near Washington DC are more receptive, but it’s still an uphill struggle to get people to listen. The film ends on some uplifting notes of optimism, metaphorically and literally given the little ascendant tinkly triplets on the soundtrack.