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Motsoaledi Has Called For a Revision of South Africa’s Mismatched Immigration Laws

To address issues in the sector, Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi has called for a review of the country’s immigration rules.

On Sunday, Motsoaledi addressed a media briefing in Pretoria on a White Paper on Citizenship, Immigration, and Refugee Protection.

The paper has been made available for public feedback.

One of the issues facing the country in terms of immigration, according to Motsoaledi, is that all of the numerous legislation do not correlate with one another.

The white paper recommends that the government examine the Border Management Authority Act in order to harmonise it with the Citizenship and Immigration Act.

According to Motsoaledi, all of the legislation were enacted at various times, creating loopholes because they did not coincide with one another.

Another suggestion is that South Africa create a register of those who have been awarded citizenship in the country, which would be presented to Parliament each year.

Motsoaledi also stated that tools to monitor the influx of illegal immigrants in the country are required, as Home Affairs is unable to account for illegal immigrants in the country.