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Morocco Pardons Repentant ‘Terror’ Convicts

As a combatant for the Islamic State group who left his native Morocco to join what he felt was a holy fight in Syria, Mohsin says he saw all the horrors of war. Now a prisoner, the 38-year-old claims he is no longer the fanatic he was then. Captured in Turkey and extradited to Morocco, he is serving a 10-year prison term on terrorism charges. Now the former fighter has graduated with 14 other prisoners convicted of terror offenses from a Morocco de-radicalization program that might make them more eligible for an early release. Graduating from the program doesn’t make inmates automatically eligible for early release, but does increase their chances of getting a royal pardon or a reduced sentence. Since 2019, the training has also been offered to women convicted under Morocco’s Anti-Terrorism Act. Ten women have graduated so far — all of them since released, including eight with pardons.