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More Students from Africa are Denied Opportunities in the U.S.

An alarming trend emerges as a new report by the Presidents’ Alliance and Shorelight reveals a steep surge in F-1 visa denials, disproportionately affecting African scholars seeking educational opportunities in the United States. Titled “Closing Doors: F-1 Visa Denials Skyrocket for African Scholars,” the report shines a spotlight on the formidable challenges faced by aspiring students from Africa navigating the complex visa application process. Analysing visa adjudication trends from 2015 to 2022, the report shows that in 2015, higher rates of F-1 visa denials were concentrated in Africa, with South Africa being the sole exception. Despite commendable improvements in visa processing under the current [Biden] Administration, the rate of visa denials for African countries remains disproportionately high, with African students experiencing a 53% higher denial rate compared to other regions.