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More Funerals In The Festive Season

Funerals are being conducted every day in Durban as more people die from COVID-19.

The eThekwini district is one of the hotspot areas.

Funeral homes say they’ve had to extend their working hours to prevent a backlog.

The number of cremations at many crematoriums have more than doubled over the holiday season.

Clare Estate Hindu Crematorium’s Rayan Gangaram said, “with the second wave things have gone out of control we are averaging between 12 and 15 and this has resulted in us doing a double shift.”

Thu Funeral Group said they have come up with new interventions to help with the backlog.

The National Funeral Practitioners Association of SA says the number of bodies they are collecting from hospitals is not normal.

Nafupa president Muzi Hlengwa said, “I don’t normally remove bodies, but I had to go myself and assist. I removed nine bodies yesterday. Yesterday alone.”

Hlengwa has also raised concerns about healthcare workers without proper personal protective equipment.

Meanwhile, funeral homes are encouraging families to follow proper protocols and adhere to the restricted number of people allowed to attend funerals.