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Mokgalapa: My Resignation As Mayor Not An Admission Of Guilt

JOHANNESBURG – Stevens Mokgalapa on Sunday said that his resignation as Tshwane Mayor was not an admission of guilt.

Mokgalapa announced on Sunday that he was stepping down and planned to officially vacate office at the end of February.

His departure follows a leaked audio recording in which he can be heard making disparaging remarks about his colleagues.

It’s been a scandalous few months for Mokgalapa, with a series of events casting doubt on his administration.

He’s facing a disciplinary process after he was heard making disparaging comments about party colleagues in an audio recording.

But he maintained he had done nothing wrong: “This decision is very much unrelated to the internal processes of the disciplinary of the party. It is just about ensuring that my being there is not abused for political football.”

The Democratic Alliance is expected to start disciplinary hearings into Mokgalapa’s conduct later this month.

For now, the mayor said he would report for duty until the end of February.