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Mogoeng Thankful He Didn’t Have To Renounce God, Bible

Former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng said that he’d apologised for comments made on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but was thankful that he was not made to renounce God and the Bible.

His controversial comments on the Middle East were made during a webinar hosted by the Jerusalem Post in June 2020.

Several organisations complained and the matter was heard by the Judicial Conduct Committee.

Mogoeng has clarified that he did not say he would not apologise under any circumstances, rather, he said that he would not unless forced by law.

The South African BDS Coalition’s Roshan Dadoo said that by bringing in religion, the former Chief Justice’s apology was aimed at causing confusion.

Dadoo said that whether or not it was sincere, Mogoeng’s apology, if it complied with the judicial committee’s instruction, was a victory for ordinary people.