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Mogoeng Mogoeng Slams ‘fearmongering’ Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is already drawing criticism for his recent remarks on Israel.

And Mogoeng was bound to spark more controversy after saying that it took three months to have the entire world wallowing in COVID-19 fear because of statements made by politicians, the media, and the business sector.

Speaking on an international platform to The Jerusalem Post during a webinar this week, Mogoeng questioned how scientists could predict how many people would die of the coronavirus.

“Leaders say so many people are affected by coronavirus, so many people are going to die. They’re even prophesying [and] they know how many people are going to die. I don’t know how they know this.

“Because of those words that are consistently pumped into the media platforms, they enter the hearts and minds of people. So, everybody is trembling, even the people of faith where boldness is supposed to be found,” he said.

The Chief Justice has come under fire from some quarters for other remarks he made during that webinar in which he appeared to support Israel.

“As a citizen of our great country, we are denying ourselves a wonderful opportunity of being a game-changer in the Israeli-Palestinian situation. We know what it means to be at loggerheads, a nation at war with itself,” Mogoeng was quoted as saying by the publication.

“The forgiveness that was demonstrated, the understanding and big heart displayed by President Nelson Mandela and we, the people of South Africa, is an asset we must use around the world to bring peace when there is no peace and to mediate effectively based on rich experience,” he added.

The ANC and human rights organisation, Africa4Palestine, were concerned about Mogoeng’s remarks while the Royal House of Mandela called for him to retract his statements, calling them a betrayal of Madiba’s legacy.