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Mobile “Play-to-earn” App Enables Gamers of Every Level to Earn Cash in every Match they Play

Launched in 2021, Skrmiish has developed feature called MoneyMatch that allows players to earn real cash in every match they play, without having to wait for a tournament or find a peer to challenge. Live across the UK and Europe, MoneyMatch combines a traditional sportsbook approach with traditional AAA+ game play. Players get their MoneyMatch Rating (MMR) based on their performance data once they have synced Skrmiish with their game accounts. The startup has already acquired over 100,000 players across more than a 100 jurisdictions around the globe, and earlier this month raised US$2.5 million in seed funding from investors including Launch Africa Ventures, the Blockchain Founders Fund, and Stellar to help it accelerate its growth. Chris Heaton, the startup’s co-founder and managing director, told Disrupt Africa his background was in marketing and advertising, having built a sports specialist creative agency. He met co-founder Roland Reed in 2017 when creating some content for SA Rugby and their sponsors.