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Mkhize: Latest Gauteng COVID-19 Death Raises Concern

Mkhize: Latest Gauteng COVID-19 Death Raises Concern

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said on Monday he was concerned about the latest COVID-19 death, given that the Gauteng man had no underlying health conditions.

South Africa’s death toll now stands at 27, but the vast majority of those who died from the coronavirus had underlying health complications.

Mkhize said that the 57-year-old victim’s results raised some concerns among medical experts.

“This has been the pattern for most of the people that we have seen, with some underlying ailment, as it were, but the one in Gauteng is raising quite a bit of concern for me – he’s a 57-year-old male and we do not have a record of the underlying diseases.”

The number of confirmed cases in the country has risen to at least 2,272, with the country almost three weeks into lockdown.

The minister said that South Africa has a strong plan in place to respond to the pandemic.

“This a long march and it demands a march of national unity, it’s a march that requires us to focus and know that each and every person’s action will count and therefor whatever plans there are, whatever decisions, we need to work together. We know it is difficult.”

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