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Mixed Reactions after Expose on Kenya’s Spy Queen

Detective Jane Mugo is the country’s most famous and controversial private investigator. She says she’s solved hundreds of crimes, but some say she writes her own rules. BBC’s Sharon Macharia interviewed Mugo who let in viewers into her detective work from her dogs led by one known as Hitler, her chef who is tasked with tasting all of Mugo’s meals before consumption as well as her squad led by one Charlie One. Mugo introduced her squad who had to undergo “rigorous” training which she said was helpful in the line of duty. She said she is one of the best detectives in the world and her prowess was celebrated worldwide. Kenyans were flabbergasted by the piece, and by noon, hilarious snippets including Mugo’s Tae Kwondo maneuvers were making rounds on social media. She has since been trending with some of the most hilarious responses.