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Mission-driven Agri-tech Companies in Africa You should Know About

About 60 per cent of the sub-Saharan population are smallholder farmers, and 23 per cent of the sub-Saharan GDP comes from just agriculture. Even with these figures, the sector’s potential has not been maximized. Productivity remains a problem for the sector; many farmers lack access to arable lands, good-quality seedlings, fertilizers, and best farming practices. To bridge the continent’s productivity deficit and meet the needs of its burgeoning population, many agritech companies have emerged across Africa. In 2020, agri-tech startups across Africa raised $59,990,000, representing 8.6 per cent of the total funding secured by tech startups in the year in review. These startups use cutting-edge technologies like drones, automated irrigation, and soil sensors. They also set up digital systems to help farmers access markets, inputs, insurance, financing, and knowledge. All to one end – increased productivity.