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‘Misfit’ Ghanaian Artist Kojo Marfo Finds a Home Among London’s Elite

Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo has always been comfortable not fitting in, and it’s starting to work to his advantage. Born in a rural town in Ghana, he was inspired to become an artist based on his study of Picasso, and the influence that African artistic traditions had upon him. Ever since, he’s used his unique voice to create works that spark conversations, and people are talking. What he does in his house-cum-studio, a suitably shambolic set-up in south London, is attracting an ever-increasing following. His recent work is flying off the walls, and a sold-out show at the JD Malat Gallery is the latest accolade in a long list of achievements. Vindication, perhaps, for a lifestyle he has never compromised. The work Marfo produces is big, bright and bold, but he doesn’t necessarily want it to be beautiful, choosing instead to create pieces that “speak truth to power.”