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MIPAD to Unveil 2020 Global List at Recognition Week

The Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) global list for 2020 highlights the positive contribution made by people of African descent in public and private sectors worldwide, at the 2020 MIPAD Recognition & Awards Ceremony. In response to the current global gender and racial equality movement, MIPAD titled the 2020 Edition “Global Reckoning,” with the theme “Representation Matters.” In this edition, we looked around the world to check the presence of people of African descent at the highest positions in the largest, most influential and iconic institutions in the world. And, in the spirit of recognition, we celebrate and showcase outstanding personalities at the highest positions in the world because our “Representation Matters” on the decision making tables in Politics & Governance, Business & Entrepreneurship, Media & Culture and Humanitarian endeavors worldwide. The list will be officially unveiled at the MIPAD Recognition & Awards Ceremony, 4pm EST, Sunday, Oct 4th 2020, following the opening of the 74th UN General Assembly.