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Millions of People in Sudan are Facing Economic Hardship

The cost of some staple foods like bread and sugar has increased by 50% over the past few weeks, driving inflation to a record high of 167%, up from 144% in July. The government declared a state of economic emergency last week after a sharp fall in currency. On Tuesday the Sudanese pound had dropped to 234 against the dollar, from 140 the previous month. Dozens of Sudanese currency dealers have been arrested in Khartoum over the past two weeks as the government tries to crack down on the black market trade in dollars. Some people are blaming the country’s predicament on the government. In April, the government raised the minimum wage from 245 to 3,000 Sudanese pounds, the largest increase in salaries in the country’s history. But the move was “funded by printing more money, because there are no resources”, said economist Hafiz Ibrahim.