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Metropolitan Helps Instill A Culture Of Saving Within Mzansi

Saving money towards the achievement of a financial goal, retirement or simply to have access to funds during an emergency is universally accepted as something wise and worthwhile. And yet, most South Africans do not save. In fact, in this current economic climate, many South Africans have little funds left once they pay the bills, and other non-negotiables such as rent, food and their children’s school fees.

The truth is saving is hard, and the common savings advice that we get from experts may seem unobtainable at times. For example, start saving from as little as R5 a day or how you should save 10% of your salary each month. This is great advice, however, practically applying it in your life is impossible, especially if you’re doing it alone.

So, inspired by the way South Africans rally together when times are tough, Metropolitan is saying, ‘Let the people speak for themselves!’ The insurer has launched a unique Savings campaign that does not preach advice down from the fiscal pulpit, but instead encourages dialogue around issues of saving and investment. “We are saying Sisonke in Savings by listening to consumers and hearing what they have to say about saving. We will be getting and sharing the collective savings wisdom and advice from ordinary South Africans, to enable South Africans to tackle the savings struggle by providing more realistic advice that takes stock of people’s realities. This will help inspire and nurture a savings culture within Mzansi but also make savings relatable and achievable,” explains Tlalane Ntuli, Chief Marketing Officer at Metropolitan.

Ntuli adds that, “When South Africans do things together, it becomes easier, as they learn from each other, share knowledge and experiences, and take on learnings and advice more readily due to the fact that this advice comes from someone (true peer to peer) they know to have experienced exactly what they are experiencing that moment.”

That differentiating focus on consumers and innovative approach should help make this campaign reach more people, land the saving message, and ultimately, help instill a culture of saving locally through this campaign for South Africans by South Africans.

The people of Mzansi can join in the #SisonkeInSavings conversation on Metropolitan’s Facebook page and share their wisdom to help someone just like them to save.