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Meeting the Changing Needs of African Women

Mothering and childcare focused e-commerce companies BabyBliss Nigeria and MumsVillage Kenya have merged to create a pan-African entity, providing what they say is an “unparalleled omnichannel commerce, community and content offering”. BabyBliss Nigeria brings deep retail and e-commerce experience in Africa’s largest economy, while MumsVillage Kenya, a parental advisory platform that moved into the e-commerce space last year, has proven strengths in building online communities and content for pregnant women and mothers. The merger of the two forms the Bliss Group, a pan-African brand co-headquartered in Kenya and Nigeria that offers commerce, community connection, products and services to African pregnant women and mothers. It offers a growing collection of baby products from trusted local and international brands which are available in-store and online directly to consumers. It also develops relevant content and curates events and services while maintaining an engaged community of 300,000 mums and pregnant women.


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