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Meet the Women Tackling Climate Change in their Spaces

The African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) announced its second cohort of the AIMS Women in Climate Change Science Fellowship whose research is contributing to the fight to preserve humanity in the face of climate change. Senior Meteorologist and Head of Climatological Unit at the Ghana Meteorological Agency Dr Naomi Kumi is a Senior Meteorologist and head of the Climatological Unit at Ghana, she generates seasonal forecasts for Ghana, evaluates of climate models, and assesses climate impact over West Africa. During her fellowship tenure, she will investigate the impact of climate change on the production of some selected crops in Ghana. Dr  Ossénatou Mamadou is a Lecturer and Researcher at the Institute of Mathematics and Physical Sciences in Benin, she will use a wavelet transform to identify cycle and periodicities in surface ecosystems exchanges in order to understand how land use and land cover changes may affect them under climate change. Dr Lala Kounta is a Physical Oceanographer, she proposes to explore the role of the ocean current on regional/local climate modulation, particularly the role of the West African Boundary Current (WABC) as a determinant of Senegalese atmospheric and oceanic conditions on hot days which presents significant risks to public health and marine ecosystems.