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Meet the Nigerian Board Game Creator Trying to Change an Industry

Board games are hugely popular in Nigeria, but it always bothered Kenechukwu Cornelius Obuagu that so few were actually made in Nigeria. As a college student in 2013, he decided to make use of his downtime during a university strike to try his hand at creating a Nigerian board game. His first foray was such a huge success among his classmates that it prompted him to start a board game company in 2016, called NIBCARD. The company focuses on tabletop games such as board and card games. “I eventually learned to make games on YouTube,” he says. “I learned how to make boards. I learned about direct imaging printers. I also found stores where I could get material to make the games I wanted.” That same year, he started an annual convention in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, called the Africa Boardgame Convention, or “AbCon” — a gathering of tabletop game lovers from across the country, which Ogbuagu says is the first of its kind in West Africa.