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Meet the Founders of Kitchens of Africa

Being named one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” could be just the ticket for growing a business, and Kitchens of Africa is about to find out. Originally from the Gambia, Janaiba Jeng missed the flavors of home after moving to the US. Frustrated that she couldn’t find ready-made sauces and ingredients, she decided to create them herself, and Kitchens of Africa was born. This collection is a curation of her favorite dishes that she frequently cooks for herself, family, and friends. Not every one of her favorites can be reimagined as a shelf-stable product, so she focused on replicating iconic, classic regional dishes that she could do justice to, taking special care not to tame the flavors just to appeal to unfamiliar palates. The point is for the masses in America to learn what tastes Africa can offer. Oprah was drawn to beautifully designed labels of Kitchens of Africa. Once she tasted the spicy blends and seasoned sauces, it was a done deal.