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Meet the Artist Adapting South African Folklore to Furniture

We’re all influenced by the stories we’re told as children, but some of us find ways of turning the fantasies into reality. Cape Town based artist, Atang Tshikare, always found inspiration in childhood tales of mythical creatures, which he would spend hours bringing to life through his imaginative drawings. He’s now found a new way of bringing these dreams into the physical world by transforming his drawings into inventive and beautiful furniture. After collaborating with several designers to create illustrations for their furniture and textiles, Tshikare was approached by Southern Guild, the taste-making Cape Town gallery. With their support, he debuted a trio of zoomorphic wonders: a one-eyed floor lamp with a giraffe-like silhouette; a six-legged, crab-shape seat; a bronze table lamp in the form of a beetle. All sold quickly at Design Miami that December.