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Meet TGT-SA – The South African Artist Empowering Audiences With ‘Say You Will’ – A Musical Journey Of Resilience

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South African singer-songwriter, TGT-SA, is captivating audiences with his latest single, “Say You Will”. TGT-SA’s musical journey, which began in the small town of Ladybrand in the Free State, has led him to create a heartfelt and motivational song that addresses life’s challenges.

Listen to “Say You Will” here – 

Inspired by the hardships faced by individuals due to unemployment, crime, and substance abuse, “Say You Will” serves as a beacon of hope for those navigating difficult times. The song emphasizes the importance of having someone to rely on and encourages listeners to take control of their lives and maintain hope. Collaborating with a team of skilled musicians, TGT-SA enlisted the talents of Patrick Mthimkhulu (bass and drums), Albert Mthimkhulu (strings), and Nic Rush (guitar). The vocal lineup features Gugu Radebe, Onkamandla Lambete, Magdeline Zungu, and TGT-SA’s nephew, Motsamai.

TGT-SA describes his sound as adult contemporary music, blending elements of ballad, soft rock, pop, soul, and R&B. When asked about his musical inspirations, he shares that his inspiration is deeply rooted in the works of Robert Mopeli of the renowned group O’Yaba, hailing from Welkom in the Free State.

Looking ahead, TGT-SA has further music releases planned, including “Independent Woman” featuring Gugu Radebe, “Best Dad” featuring Onkamandla & Motsamai, and “Bona Bophelo” featuring Tsietsi. Additionally, TGT-SA has signed an artist under his own record label, TGT Music Production (Pty) Ltd, named Motsamai, who has already made an impact with the single “Dance Forever” featuring TGT-SA & Onkamandla, and artist from KZN named Basize with the single called Isimomondiya.

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