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Mbeki Warns Of Unrest In SA

Former President Thabo Mbeki is warning of anti-government protests similar to the 2010 Arab Spring.

He said unemployment, poverty, corruption and lawlessness could trigger the anger of South Africans.

Mbeki was speaking at the memorial service for ANC Deputy Secretary-General, Jessie Duarte.  

“One of my fears comrades is that one of these days… we’re going to have our own version of Arab Springs.

“You remember what happened in Tunisia, in Tunis when that Arab Spring started? A street vendor was abused and beaten up by the police and destroyed whatever he was selling, and that got the country angry,” he said.

“That is how that uprising started in Tunisia. It’s because the problem was brewing under the surface.

“They just a little spark. I’m saying one of my fears is that one of these days is going to happen was: You can’t have so many people unemployed, so many people poor, people facing lawlessness, faced with the leadership in which ANC people are called corrupt. One day, it’s going to explode.”

Mbeki warns of uprising akin to Arab Spring

Mbeki also said there is no plan to address poverty, inequality and unemployment.

He says these issues need to be addressed urgently as that was the promise made to the people.

“Indeed the country is faced with poverty, inequality and unemployment, but we don’t have a national plan to address these issues.

“There is no plan, it doesn’t exist. in terms of our commitment to serving the people we have to address those issues,” Mbeki said.

“[Cyril] Ramaphosa when he delivered the SONA said in 100 days there needs to be changed but nothing has happened. To honour the legacy of Jessie we’ve got to do something about that.”