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Mayor Mpho Phalatse Threatened With Removal

The political battle for power in Johannesburg is heating up.

Minority parties in the City have intensified their political attacks on the DA-led coalition government, with Mayor Mpho Phalatse at the center of their attention.

The AIC, ATM, Cope, UDM, PAC, and Al Jama-ah are among the minority parties planning a vote of no confidence in Phalatse.This will be their second attempt to remove her, following the rejection of a motion request a few weeks ago.

The same minority parties successfully removed council speaker Vasco Da Gama last week, with the help of some DA coalition partners, the ANC and EFF.Following this success, the same political parties believe Phalatse can be deposed similarly.

There are two minority blocs in the council, some of which have formed a coalition with the DA.The other bloc is not in a coalition agreement and has leaned toward supporting the ANC’s return.

Acting speaker Colleen Makhubele, the only Cope councillor in council, held a briefing on Monday along with minority political parties.

Makhubele’s presence surprised her party, which is part of the coalition government led by the DA. She was appointed the chair of chairs for the council as part of the coalition agreement.